Monday, August 10, 2015

Release the Sheep!

Not great, but the best I could do taking a photo off the telly.

Like "Dancing with the Stars"? Well, you ain't seen nothin' yet! As the humorist Dave Barry often says in his columns, "I am not making this up!" Now they have a new TV show on English TV. Instead of celebrities dancing with ordinary people, England has celebrities herding ordinary sheep.  Seriously.  And do you know what they call this television spectacular? Flockstars.

That part is true. The TV show takes British celebrities, let's them train for several weeks, and then they compete against another celebrity to see how fast they and their sheepdogs can herd a flock into a pen. You can tell that they hope their signature line will catch on: "Release the sheep!"

However, after watching the first show, I have to say, it was probably much better as a concept than in execution.  Which unfortunately may hold true of my own feeble efforts below (click to play):

Yearbook of the 

Ewe-nu-versity of the Yorkshire Dales

The Ewe-nu-versity of the Yorkshire Dales (EYD) is a proud British institution. Once limited to female sheep, the ewe-nu-versity has evolved with the times and now accepts both rams and ewes. Recently, EYD welcomed its first foreign student, Bossie La Belle (lower row, far left), who says, "I'm moooved at how the students have accepted me, as a newcomer in their midst."

Top row, left to right:
Eunice: Our class prez
Eula: 4H queen, four years running (and can she run!)
Merlin Olsen: Most ram-bunctious
Shaun: Friendly as his namesake

Second row (middle), left to right:
Lani Lynn: Seeking her MRS in animal husbandry
Wrong Way William: Bill, are you three sheeps to the wind?
Lambie Pie: Majoring in horticulture
Aries: Winner of high jump in Yorkshire Games

Third row (bottom), left to right:
Bossie La Belle: French foreign student, oh, la, la!
Dolly: Studying natural medicine and genetics
Lucy: Member, Alpha Lambda Delta honorary
Emeril: Winner, Best Green Salad, Home Ec prize

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Kevin Imper for his help with this project.

OK, sorry about all that! But to make up for that nonsense, click on the link to take a look at my favorite commercial now playing on British TV (non-sheep-related).

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