Saturday, August 8, 2015

Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales

"Cute" is an overused word. I tried to think of other words for Grassington, but those words are also either overused or a little bit formal or strained.  I kept coming back to "cute," because I really think Grassington is one of the cutest villages I've ever seen.

Our delightful old stone cottage was right off the main street, tucked back along a little alleyway or lane, that people in Grassington call a "fold." 

The windows to the left of the chocolate shop are our windows--the lounge on the lower floor and a bedroom on the top.  Our door is just barely visible. The inside was very comfortable, though the kitchen was bigger than the lounge (living room).

Kevin at home in the Yorkshire Dales.

But what temptations, with a chocolate shop, a bookstore next door, and the pub only 23 paces away! Here's the pub, The Forrester's Arms:

The pub had a quiz night on Mondays, but we were too tired to go, having spent most days taking walks.

Who knew dogs and children were big trivia fans?

The butcher shop was right up the street. One day, Kevin saw another butcher's van in town with a sign on the back: "Sausages are not left in this van overnight."  We didn't know if it was a real attempt to deter thieves or just good old British humor.

The hardware store on the same block seemed to have everything--even needles and thread--and the people there were very friendly.

I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of The Corner Cafe, our favorite coffee shop, particularly favored because it had wifi, which sadly our beautiful little cottage lacked.  (That was about all it lacked though.)

We chose Grassington because it is a walking center with many walks leaving right from our door, or just a short bus ride away. We are also doing without a car on this leg of our trip, to save money in an expensive country, so having the good transport links helped tremendously. We really didn't do much while we were there but walk, relax, and eat. 

Here are some more photos of "our town." (Next, I'll share some pictures of our walks.)

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