Friday, December 25, 2015

Lovely Lake Bled

Slovenia must be one of the prettiest places we have ever visited. You have probably seen photos of Lake Bled (which sounds more like "Blade" the way the locals pronounce it).  Its castle and the little church in the middle of the lake are picture-postcard worthy. 

We did not take the traditional boats out to the church in the lake, because it was an expensive excursion, and we were told you only get to stay on the island for about 10 minutes. Even the townspeople said the church itself was not that inspiring. But the views along the lake were incredible.

The studio apartment we rented outside of town provided a stunning view of the lake and island church, as well as easy access to the lakeside path. We strolled along the shore into town and back.

The view from our apartment with a path to the lake.

Our host, Brane (brah-nuh), was an accomplished athlete. The poster behind him in the photo is of one of his rock-climbing exploits. (Sorry it's slightly out of focus, but I had to include his picture.)

Several hikes in the area make for pleasant days of exploration, especially in October, as the leaves are turning red and gold. Vintgar Gorge, near Lake Bled, offered these stunning views:


The weather turned a bit "iffy," as we visited Lake Bohinj, which, no matter how hard I tried,  I could never pronounce correctly.

The vegetation seemed familiar. We almost felt like we were back hiking in the Cascades.

What's more the architecture of this nearby town is very much like Leavenworth, Washington, but this is the real deal. The facades of the buildings there still show remnants of medieval frescoes.

Kevin conferred with a local.

And we took refuge from the rain in the coziest coffee shop in town. (It may be the only coffee shop in town.)

We were sorry to leave Lake Bled. But, as we were later to discover, it is only one of Slovenia's treasures.

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