Friday, December 25, 2015

My New Hat

With the young woman who sold me my hat.

The weather turned cold while we were in Dubrovnik, when the Bora, the legendary wind that chills the eastern Adriatic coast, began to blow.  We had read about the Bora, and now that we were experiencing it first-hand, I began to search for my hat, which I hadn't needed in weeks.  It was nowhere to be found.

That's why I began to search for a new one. I looked in several shops, but they mostly had warm-weather hats or caps of cotton or straw. The few winter hats I saw were pull-ons that would be more at home on the ski slope. At last, however, I found the hat, a wooly beret type.  It is a little itchy, but it keeps my ears warm.

The young woman who sold it to me was bright and spunky. I liked her style, which suited her, so Kevin snapped the above photo of the two of us.

However, I was still left with a mystery: What happened to my other hat?

It's beyond me how someone traveling for months with only a daypack and a carry-on suitcase can lose things, but it happens to me all the time! I was quite convinced I had left my hat behind in Italy.  But no, more than a month later, about two days before we flew home, I found my other hat in the bottom of my daypack. So now I have a choice--my green hat or my new black beret. So I guess that kind of caps my account of Croatia!  (Sorry.)

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