Monday, October 19, 2015

Of Tacos, Trims, and Titles

Sorry, I have no photos for this post. Maybe I should have saved the photo of the margaritas that I posted with Keara's visit, because at least it was taken at the Mexican restaurant on Via Ghibellina. The restaurant had good food, too, even if it wasn't quite as spicy as the wonderful Mexican food we get in Seattle.

Via Ghibellina became my "go-to" street in Florence.  It's where I had my hair cut. (I liked it.)  It's also where I acquired a new title that I am quite fond of.

The laundromat I used was on Via Ghibellina (4 euros to wash; 4 euros to dry). It had signs with instructions in English, but they weren't really that clear. For example, you had to get tokens for the washers and dryers, but one machine made change and the other didn't. In addition, one machine for dispensing the tokens had a "push here" sticker, but it wasn't clear that it was actually a small metal button nearby that you needed to push, and not the spot where the sticker was. I was confused on my first visit there, but a kind woman helped me. So it was up to me to return the favor.

The last time I used the laundromat, two attractive young women came in. One, who was fair, was from Croatia. The other, who had beautiful, full dark hair was from Mexico. They were students at the university, and they both spoke excellent English, I helped them get their laundry organized. Then they left, while their clothes tumbled around in the washer.

A short time later, a  young man came in. I don't know where he was from, but he spoke limited English with a Slavic (?) accent. I was helping him get his washing into the machine, when the two female students came back. The young man thanked me and left.

That was when I acquired my new title, which was bestowed on me by the young woman from Croatia. "You," she said, "are the Angel of the Washing Place." I rather like that. It also has a much nicer sound than "the Angel of the Laundromat."

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