Saturday, October 24, 2015

Our Flying Toaster (and more)

I love the toaster in our Florence apartment! If you're old enough it may remind you of the old flying toasters screensaver from back in the day.  (Take a look here.)

It's very handy too. Lift up on the little wings, and the toast easily comes out, without tongs or burned fingers.

Ah, Italian design!

I can't say quite as much for our elevator, though it is ingenious. I thought the elevator we had at our apartment in Paris last year was small until I saw the one in Florence, It wasn't big enough to swing a cat in, as you can see.

Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this photo.

No worries! That's actually a grocery bag, not a cat.
And I do like the elevator. If you live in a medieval building, you're lucky to have an elevator at all--and this one saved my dodgy knee.

Note: If you viewed the photos of San Gimignano earlier, I have changed some, if you care to look again. I couldn't find the ones I had selected when I first wrote the post. My apologies.

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