Monday, July 6, 2015

A Brief Stay in Connemara

Sheep near shed in countryside

We had a choice of staying a night in Galway or in Connemara, and although Galway is said to be a pretty city, we usually prefer the countryside, so we decided to drive to Connemara instead.

We had a long day of driving to get there, and we arrived at our B&B on the coast in a blinding rainstorm. We got soaked just getting from our car to our B&B, where the owner opened the door and welcomed us in to her home, warmed by a peat fire. (I'm sorry I got no photos of the B&B, nor of the nearby restaurant where we had our best meal out of our trip so far--mussels for me and seafood chowder and salad for Kevin. The Western Irish coast is known for its good seafood as well as for its stunning beauty.

Because of the rain, many of my photos seemed washed out. But here are some of the better ones: 

Lake near Kylemore Abbey.

View of lake and Kylemore Abbey.

Kylemore Abbey, which was not an abbey, but a home a wealthy man built for his wife.

A farm in the heart of Connemara.

View from our drive through Connemara.

A Connemara pony? They are large--usually about 14 or 15 hands.

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  1. That scenery is almost unbelievably beautiful! That abbey! WOW! The lake, the sheep shed, the farm in the distance, the beautiful greenness of it, the wonderful pony! I want to live in Ireland! Seriously!