Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sunday Afternoon

Our Airbnb host, John,  suggested we visit a nearby pub on Sunday, because it is in a scenic location and it often features live music. We didn’t know what a treat we had in store, as we pulled into the car park (parking lot).

While we were drinking our pints of ale, a singer set up and began to play his guitar—not traditional Irish music, but American songs:  everything from Frank Sinatra and Edie Gormie to some rock tunes.  But it wasn’t the singer that made the experience special.  

There, at a crossroads, where cars would occasionally pass, a little girl and an even smaller boy, who could not have been more than two, began dancing to the music in the street.  When a car came by, their parents had to warn them to get off the street, the mom taking the hand of the small boy to lead him off.  While we sat, bicycles, cars, and even two swimmers in dry suits (who emerged from the nearby bay), came through the intersection.

Eventually, the little boy, who had a good sense of rhythm, made his way to where the singer was, dancing all the way, and clapping.  At the conclusion of the song, the musician asked the name of the boy, so he could share the credit for the performance with “young Arthur.”  It was a great way to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon, and we will long remember O' Sullivan's pub.

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