Monday, July 13, 2015

Brian, The Terror of Laraugh

He looks like a sweet little kitty cat, doesn't he? But we were warned about Brian.

I don't think I've ever been warned about a cat before. Well, maybe a lion in Africa, or a cougar that was sighted once near our cabin, but never an ordinary domestic shorthair (felis catus).

John was the one who alerted us to Brian, a neighbor's cat. "He's deceptive," he said. "He will let you pet him, and then, suddenly, he will lash out and bite you."

Brian’s bite is nothing to sneeze at.  A German couple who were staying in the bothy fed him and petted him, and then one day, Brian sank his teeth deeply into the man’s hand. The German played down the incident, saying his own cat had bit him once, but the wound was serious enough that he went to the hospital to have it treated.

"I wouldn't worry too much," John said, moderating his warning somewhat. "It appears he doesn't like Germans. But I think he can tell the difference between Americans and Germans."

One day, driving back from a walk, we spotted Brian at the neighbor's house.  Kevin rolled down his window and asked, "Are you Brian?"  He meowed, seemingly in the affirmative.

However, we did nothing to encourage Brian. I wasn't taking any chances. My heritage, after all, is German.

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