Sunday, July 19, 2015

Farewell to Beara

Although the Ring of Kerry is more famous, the Ring of Beara is just as beautiful, if not more so, and it has the advantage that you do not run into a tour bus on every narrow, winding turn.  (I was so glad that Kevin has experience driving on such narrow roads, but even so there were times when I drew in my breath and simply closed my eyes.) Fortunately, the bus and lorry drivers seem to know exactly how wide their vehicles are, although we did see more than one truck with its side mirror taped on.

The weather was uncooperative as we were driving on parts of the Ring of Kerry, so most of my photos were not that great. (I'm getting tired of white skies!) 

I also wished I had thought to take a photo of an old sheep farmer we met a couple of times on Healy Pass.  (I say “old,” but he could have been our age—in his late 60s—and just had a weathered face.) He was a thin man and his hair was graying.  He was missing several teeth in front, and the ones he had remaining were a bit twisted. But he had a kindly face, and both times we encountered him, he seemed happy to chat and shake our hands.  Kevin asked him if he ever lost any of his sheep, and he said, “Ah no, I always know where they are,” with his lovely Irish lilt. The best photos often get away, for one reason or another.

Here are a few from the Beara Peninsula that don’t fit any narrative:

Lauragh post office and coffee shop. Nice people, FREE wifi!

Standing stone on one of our walks.

Glanmore Lake?

Walk at Glengariff Forest Reserve.

The colorful town of Aardmore.

Stone circle near Castletownbere.

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