Monday, July 13, 2015

Driving the Dingle Peninsula

The rain kept us from exploring the Dingle Peninsula as much as we would have liked. We drove up the east coast, planning to enter Dingle from Connor Pass, which is quite scenic in sunshine.  But when we reached the top of the pass, it was fogged in, right at the waterfall.

Because the roads of Ireland are often congested like this…

And because the road narrowed to one lane with only pullouts (lay-bys) for vehicles to pass with a sign showing how steep the grade was…

We decided to turn around and come into Dingle by another route. When the fog lifts the landscape of Dingle is beautiful, as these photos show:

Eventually, we arrived at our destination, where we spent the night in a cottage with a turf roof.  It was delightful!  We had the most welcoming hosts, Louise and her husband Chris, who were extraordinarily helpful with our plans for Ireland and for our later visit to England’s Peak District, where they live most of the time. Our cottage, “The Nest,” was next to their holiday home. It was so charming, we were sorry we were only staying one night.

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  1. I've always wanted to have a turf roof! For years! That deep green grass or ground cover or whatever is really wonderful! It really is emerald green! Love the mist and rain!