Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Beautiful Bothy

A bothy is defined as a small hut or cottage, especially one used by farm laborers. But the bothy we rented in Lauragh, on the Beara Peninsula was elegant in its simplicity. Because I am days behind on my blog, and we left Ireland three days ago, I can say with certainty that our stay in this cottage was the highlight of Ireland for us. A week was not long enough,

With a kitchen, a bathroom with shower, a comfortable bed, and a cozy sitting area with a fireplace, what more could one want?  We also were highly impressed with our hosts, John and Siobhan, who are not only kind and generous people, but also highly talented. John is an accomplished potter and Siobhan is an artist. Together they have created a lifestyle that embodies the best of living on and with the land. They raise Connemara ponies too.

John and Siobhan with Kevin in front of tomatoes we (amazingly) didn't kill.

When John and Siobhan had to go to Dublin on a family matter, they left us in charge.  (True confession:  Actually our only job was to water the tomatoes and collect any eggs or garden produce that we wanted. A neighbor actually took care of the ponies and the chickens.)

Camera-shy hen hiding head behind egg container.
When you see the additional photos of our walks in the valleys and hills of the Beara Peninsula, you'll understand why--combined with our enjoyment of our little stone cottage--we hated to leave.

Here is just a sampling of John's pottery--and the photo doesn't do these justice.

Siobhan's little egg keeper and other itesms are delightfully whimsical, and her jams and jellies are delicious!

Check out their website here.

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  1. What a wonderful cottage!! I would have hated to leave too!!