Friday, July 24, 2015

Wee WordsThat Baffled Us

We knew we were in Scotland, when very early in our trip, we came across a couple of posters that we didn't understand. (Or, I should say, we didn't understand everything.)

Let's see what you make of these:

I looked up "wee stoater" (movie poster above) online and found that "stoater" means great or brilliant. So I guess the movie must be a little bit brilliant?  With Emma Thompson in it, I imagine it is!

As for "wee shoogler," the definition of "shoogle" is to shake, although somewhat gently. According to The Scotsman newspaper, which defined it as its word of the week on the 24th of July this year, you would never "shoogle" a can of deodorant or "shoogle" someone awake. So what do you think? Does "wee shooglers" mean "wee wigglers" or "wee shakers"?

We hope your own wee shooglers--whether kids, grandkids, or simply little ones you are fond of are enjoying their summer too!

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